Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales Rumored Plot Introduces Witches And Ghosts

It could be a very long time before we get to see Joachim Rønning and Espen Sandberg's Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales. While the film was initially going to be released on July 10, 2015, yesterday it was reported that Walt Disney Studios has taken the title off of the release schedule and likely won't have it back on until 2016. The extra time is being used to work on the script, meaning that the plot and action is a bit up in the air right now, but that hasn't stopped Bleeding Cool from reporting on a few leaked details that they've picked up from their sources.

While there isn't any specific mention of the legend the story will be based on, apparently witches play an important role. In fact, the brand new female lead introduced in the film is accused of being one (though she isn't). Described as being "nothing like [Captain Jack Sparrow]," the new character is a woman of science who may or may not fall for Johnny Depp's character. The site predicts an actress like Ruth Wilson, Emily Blunt, Rebecca Hall or Alice Eve could end up with the part. There's no mention of Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides' female lead, Penelope Cruz's Angelica Teach - who was stranded on an island at the end of the movie - but the rumor does say that the sequel begins with an awkward wedding (and climaxes with a riff on the myth of the Bermuda Triangle).

Another new character, weirdly enough, is going to be a ghost - and one who is teaming up with Geoffrey Rush's Captain Barbossa (who has not yet been confirmed for the sequel, mind you). The rumor says that the title comes from this character's arc and that he is a "a former member of the British military now sided with Barbossa on a revenge mission."

Bleeding Cool adds that there will also be a new pair taking over the positions in the story that Orlando Bloom and Kiera Knightly used to fill. The site's sources say that they will be a couple of "pretty young Brits from farming families," but don't mention how they will factor into the larger plot. In fact, the site says that of everything they've heard, it's these characters that may get axed while the script is being reworked.

We can't really say how much of this is accurate, and even if it is it could all end up getting changed before the film goes into production. As it stands Depp is the only actor attached to the production, but as we hear more about casting we should be able to learn more about the story to confirm or deny these rumors. In the meantime, do you think that all of these puzzle pieces put together could make a cool Pirates of the Caribbean movie?

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