Is This A Pitch Trailer For Jurassic World?

Now that an official title and release date are in place people are jumping out of their skin for their first chance to get a look at the highly-anticipated, dinosaur-filled Jurassic World. With production not slated for another few months or so, though, it's still going to be a long time before we get to see any actual footage from the film. To help tide you over for now we have this video, courtesy of Shock Til You Drop, which the site claims is a pitch trailer for the movie. Is it legitimate or fake? Watch it for yourself above and examine the evidence with us below.

There are definitely some details surrounding this video that can be seen as just a bit suspicious. For starters, the description on the YouTube page says that the clip was shown at Celebration Europe II in Germany, but that event was held all the way back in late July. Why are we only seeing this video now - especially considering it somehow has the exact same title that was announced last night? What's more, Frank Marshall - who is a producer on the film - had this to say about the "pitch trailer" on Twitter when responding to a fan's inquiry:

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That's a big denial from a major source, but then again we live in an age of "Khan isn't in Star Trek Into Darkness" lies. Who really knows what we can trust from studios and filmmakers anymore.

What do we know about Jurassic World? Colin Trevorrow, who is best known for directing the critically-acclaimed indie Safety Not Guarenteed, is helming the film and co-wrote the script with producer Pat Crowley following an original draft by Rise of the Planet of the Apes scribes Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver. While he obviously won't be directing, Steven Spielberg is also on-board as an executive producer (the same position he held for Joe Johnston's Jurassic Park III). With the movie scheduled for a June 2015 release date, we can expect that production will begin very early next year. When they announced the official title and release date Universal Pictures also debuted the first title art for the movie, which you can see below (click on it to see it in high-res).

Jurassic World Logo

With filming scheduled to start soon it means that the casting process is likely going to get underway soon (and we've already heard rumors about Bryce Dallas Howard, David Oyelowo and Garrett Hedlund. Stay tuned in the coming weeks for all of the updates!

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