This Plot Proposed By Ghostbusters' Director Is Hysterical And Weirdly Perfect

Paul Feig has become the latest individual to be wrapped up in the Sony hacking scandal that has gone from being amusing to depressingly serious in a heartbeat. But the amicable filmmaker shouldn’t be too alarmed because his leak revolves around a potential plot for Ghostbusters 3 and it couldn’t be more perfect.

At this point it should be noted that we have no idea if Paul Feig’s hacked plot is still in the pipeline. But, if you’re super excited about Ghostbusters 3 and don’t want it to be potentially ruined for you, it’s probably best if you stop reading now. Are they gone? Good. I never liked them anyway.

So what does Paul Feig have in store for the third installment to the Ghostbusters franchise? Well, according to Vulture, Paul Feig says Ghostbusters 3 is a reboot, not a sequel. It will also start off before humans have come into contact with ghosts, and the film’s villain will be a convicted murderer. He turns into a ghost and then starts to wreak havoc across New York City after his execution goes spectacularly wrong during some kind of supercharged electrical storm.

Is it safe to assume that the character’s life was being brought to an early conclusion courtesy of the electric chair because of this interference? Who knows? What we do know is that Paul Feig envisions Game Of Thrones’ Peter Dinklage in this villainous role. Now I think that’s something that the entire pop culture community can get behind. In fact, that’s so gosh darn perfect it should be etched in stone already.

With a twist that Vulture likens to the plot of Night At The Museum, Dinklage’s demonic poltergeist would then convince a hoard of ghosts from the history of time to join in his pursuit to take on the world. Hopefully it will be more like The Simpsons’ "Dial Z For Zombies", which was a segment from "Treehouse of Horror III". (You can check out a poor quality, but still incredibly amusing, clip here.)

Back to the Ghostbusters plot, Paul Feig then went on to add that the parapsychologists will be played by four very different ladies, while the rest of the film will revolve around their attempts to save the big apple.

However there is one little slice of information that it’s hard to endorse. Paul Feig also believes that the Ghostbusters will have to work for the U.S. government, who will repeatedly distance themselves from the foursome in their attempt to prove that ghosts don’t actually exist. Feig explains that he wants Saturday Night Live’s Cecily Strong to play an official who is constantly talking smack about them at press conferences and then apologizing to them in private.

While I’m all for Cecily Strong’s involvement, a lot of the original Ghostbusters’ humor came from their poor relationship with the local government and it is sad to hear that won’t be returning. However, as Paul Feig also notes, this will allow for the franchise to expand in the future. Which

Of course, at this point we're still not certain that this will actually be the plot for Ghostbusters 3. But if it is, it's something that the entire movie-going masses can get behind. And it also suggests that Paul Feig knows exactly what he is doing when it comes to the franchise. Which is something that we can all be thankful for.

Gregory Wakeman