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Point Break Gets A Sequel

I’ll concede that Point Break has its cult following, much like just about any Patrick Swayze flick. I find it funny that the people who like Point Break tend to be the same ones who criticize Keanu Reeves’s surfer-dude style of acting, which the movie helped solidify. Admittedly, it is a fun little action flick, but it’s twenty years old, which means it should just rest in the annals of cult-action movie history, right? Wrong.

As with any good movie that’s twenty years old, Point Break has been slated for a sequel, reports Coming Soon. Point Break 2 has been given a $20-30 million budget and will be written and directed by the original film’s writer, Peter Illiff. The plan is for the film to begin filming in mid-2008 in Southeast Asia, partially because some of the film’s financing is coming from RGM Entertainment, a Singapore-based company.

The sequel will pick up where the original film left off, following a Navy soldier who is recruited to infiltrate a gang of criminals in Southeast Asia. That doesn’t sound as much like a sequel as a revamp of the original movie’s plot, especially since the main character is an ex-surfer. It’s unlikely Keanu Reeves would come back for a sequel like this, at least not in a leading part, so expect whoever looks good without a shirt on to be under consideration for the leading role.

As with all needless sequels, expect Point Break 2 to answer ambiguous questions left by the first film (because we really don’t want to leave anything to the audience’s imagination). For instance, viewers will get a resolution for Bodhi, the Patrick Swayze character who disappeared into a giant wave in the first movie’s conclusion.