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Poltergeist Remake Begins Casting, Plans To Shoot This Fall

Rumors of a Poltergeist remake have been floating around (no pun intended) for years now, with little to no movement happening as the movie stalled in development hell. Earlier this year, though, Monster House director Gil Kenan accepted the challenge of bringing Poltergeist into a new decade, and details about his planned reboot are starting to emerge.

Bloody Disgusting reports that Kenan has begin casting his remake, which he hopes to begin shooting this September in Toronto. This new version, according to reports, will follow the Bowen family, picking up when father, Eric, moves the clan to a new town after losing his job. Before they can get settled, the family’s young daughter, Madison, is abducted, plunging the family into a state of fear.

There are key details revealed in the BD piece. In this remake, it’s Eric’s wife, Amy, who can communicate with spirits. And there are two new main characters: Carrigan Burke, the host of a television program called Haunted House Cleaners; and Burke’s ex-wife, who is a parapsychologist. This fractured couple will be called upon to help with the investigation into Caroline … er, Madison’s disappearance.

Of all of the horror classics from our past, Polotergeist is one of the few that I think can benefit from a reboot. Effects and technologies are far more sophisticated now than they were when Tobe Hooper had to rely on the snow-fuzz from a television set to instill terror. Plus, Poltergeist has had to sit back and watch everything from The Ring to Paranormal Activity blatantly steal its best tricks. It’s time for this franchise to reclaim its crown, Let’s see who gets cast in the film, which will be written by David Lindsay-Abaire and co-produced by Sam Raimi.

Sean O'Connell

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