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We just can't stop loving movie posters here at Cinema Blend. Even if the movie sucks at least there's something cool to hang on your wall. Great one sheets are works of art, bad ones are a public eyesore. So here’s a few new posters we might not have already gotten to on the site, whether from laziness or sheer disinterest they get a second shot at being shown off to you here. Take a look:

I'm tired of waiting to meet them. Next.

Two new posters for Pick of Destiny. The D dances cheek to cheek in poster one, the second is already a rock n' roll wallpaper on the movie's official site.

Pinocchio's ugly sister?

Swedish poster for The Fountain. Not as cool as the American version, but still pretty freakin cool.

Someone seems to think they're Tenacious D. So not.

Never trust a tattoo.