Preview The Master, Les Miserables And ParaNorman Mondo Posters

If you're a movie poster collector, there's one more reason to look forward to Oscar night. Alamo Drafthouse Cinema's art division, Mondo, has three new posters set to be unveiled during the Academy Awards broadcast, marking their 2nd annual poster series tied to the nominated films in select categories. Check out three of the posters set to go on sale this Sunday ahead.

First up, this one celebrates Paul Thomas Anderson's film The Master, which has three nominations going into Sunday night's ceremony (Lead Actor: Joaquin Phoenix, Supporting Actor: Philip Seymour Hoffman, Supporting Actress: Amy Adams). Hoffman is put front and center in laurent Durieux's poster, which is priced at $55 (size: 24 x 36, Edition: 385).

And here's the poster for Les Miserables. Tom Hooper's feature adaptation of the popular stage musical received eight nominations, including Best Picture. Olly Moss' excellent, red poster focuses on the revolution, showing the barricades and the silhouette of a lone man with his rifle raised above his head, all under the words: Fight. Dream. Hope. Love.

You can practically hear the people singing in that one, which is priced at $50 (size: 24 x 36, Edition 380).

And this one honors one of my favorite nominees in the running for an award at this year's Oscars. ParaNorman directors Sam Fell and Chris Butler are up for an Academy Award for directing Laika's funny, exciting and moving 3D stop-motion animated comedy-horror. Just looking at this poster, which was created by DKNG, makes me want to watch the movie again. (Admittedly, it doesn't take much to make that happen.)

Mondo will have the ParaNorman poster on sale for $45 (size 24 x 36, Edition 275).

All posters will be available for sale during the awards show broadcast on Sunday, February 24 at Follow @MondoNews for the exact sale announce time. More posters will be unveiled during the Academy Awards broadcast.

Click the thumbnails below to view the bigger versions.

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