Oh love...isn’t it grand? Sprinkle in some extra corn and quirk, and some light-hearted humor and you’ve got yourself a fond ride down romantic comedy lane. Whether the storyline plays up love at first sight, the awakening of deeper feelings in a friendship, or a seeming hatred blossoming into adoration, romantic comedies have the innate ability to make us question our own romantic ideals.

But, while rom-coms tend to show us some unrealistic notions of true love, there’s always a best friend in the mix sharing some words of wisdom to keep us (and their friend) grounded. So here’s to remembering those BFFs spouting out some endearing, insightful or just outright hysterical advice that keep their best friend afloat. Do you remember them all? Take our test below and see if you can name that rom-com based on the main character’s best friend.

Round #1

Character Name: Charles De Mar
Actor: Curtis Armstrong
Release Date: 1985
Best Advice: "Suicide is never the answer, little trooper."

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