See Jon Cryer Dress As Duckie On Two And A Half Men

Before Two and a Half Men was a huge ratings phenomenon for CBS, Jon Cryer was more famous for playing Duckie in the eighties John Hughes classic Pretty in Pink. Now headed into its 12th season, Two and a Half Men is going to have Cryer channel his movie past in the show’s special Halloween-oriented premiere episode. Check out the pictures from the set, below.


Just look at that blazer, that hat and those sunglasses. It’s sort of amazing that Cryer is now nearly fifty and can still capably channel his inner teen. I know that CBS has plenty of resources at their disposal to come up with picture perfect Halloween costumes, but it doesn’t make Cryer’s Halloween look any less classic.

Over the years, Pretty in Pink has become a seminal movie about teen romance. In the film, Duckie was a wild dresser and kid from the wrong side of the tracks who had an unrequited love for the female lead in the movie, Andie. While he didn’t end up winning the girl, his story still ended up on a happy note, and his over-the-top character has grown iconic in the years subsequent. If you think the clothes and the youthful makeup complete the Two and a Half Men version of Duckie, you just have to check out those shoes Cryer has on, below.


If you can’t tell who it is with all of the crazy zombie makeup, Cryer’s Alan is preparing to head out on the town with Ashton Kutcher’s Walden. Walden’s zombie costume is actually pretty impressive, as well, with makeup that’s better than anyone but a makeup artist could have applied. Unfortunately, the episode won’t be filled with all fun and games. According to CBS, the episode will feature a “health scare” on Halloween that will cause Walden to “reprioritize” his life.

If I had to guess, the Halloween plotline will kick off the storyline that will define Season 12. If you’ve been keeping up with the Two and a Half men castings and rumors, you should already know that Psych actress Maggie Lawson has joined the cast in a recurring role. She’s set to play a social working helping Alan and Walden to adopt a baby. During Season 12, Alan and Walden will create a gay ruse in order to try and get an adoption group to give them a baby to raise. There’s a lot that we could say about this particularly ridiculous plotline, but for now let’s just enjoy the moment and those odd and strangely wonderful Halloween Two and a Half Men pics.

Two and a Half Men’s final season is set to premiere on Thursday, October 30 at 9 p.m. ET. You can catch previews, photos and more over at CBS’ site.

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