R-Rated Sorority Row Clips: Sexy, Shower Scene Insanity

Summit Entertainment is releasing Sorority Row in just a few short weeks, meaning that lots of newly initiated college freshmen will get the chance to see for themselves how silly movie depictions of college life are. Of course, Sorority Row seems deliberately sillier than others. The horror movie follows a group of sorority sisters (all of whom are sexy, naturally) as they are stalked by someone who knows their terrible secret: they accidentally helped kill their fellow sister. Typical college dilemma, really.

No one should go into this movie expecting anything but fun, slightly schlocky entertainment, and to prove the point, Summit has provided us with three new clips from the film, including the opening three minutes. While the two red-band clips feature two sisters and their gory death scenes, the green-band one is the most interesting, showing just how quickly the plot gets going. The credits have barely ended and the girls are already executing the scheme that gets them in all this trouble.

Check out all three, R-rated, adults only clips below once you're past the age-gate. Sorority Row comes out September 11.

Katey Rich

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend