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RZA Will Hide A Bomb From Paul Walker In District B13 Remake Brick Mansions

So the Parkour elephant in the room is that remaking Luc Besson’s cool French action flick District B13 does not need to be done.But since it’s happening in the form of director Camille Delamarre’s Brick Mansions, all we can hope for is some flashy balls-out action. And stars Paul Walker and David Belle will need to protect their necks from a newly cast co-star.

The Hollywood Reporter has learned that Wu Tang Clan member RZA will be wearing his acting hat for the EuropaCorp and Relativity Media-produced film. Last year he released his directorial debut The Man With the Iron Fists, which he also wrote, starred in and wrote the music for with Howard Drossin. He also got quite a few laughs for his cameo as Blind Master in G.I. Joe: Retaliation earlier this year. Next up, he’ll be co-starring in Fox’s action drama series Gang Related with Ramon Rodriguez and Terry O’Quinn, which was recently picked up to air at some point later in the year.

In Brick Mansions, RZA will play the powerful drug warlord who is in possession of a neutron bomb inside a dangerous area known as the Brick Mansions (not a coincidence). The bomb is ticking down, and the story is destined to end in certain doom, right? Not if Walker, as an undercover cop, and Belle, as his super-athletic partner, have anything to say about it. Besson adapted his own original screenplay with the help of Robert Mark Kamen and Bibi Naceri. While I doubt they’ll let RZA win, we can dream.

Brick Mansions is currently shooting in Montreal.

Check out one of RZA’s earliest roles in Jim Jarmusch’ s vignette-filled film Coffee and Cigarettes, where he shares the screen with GZA and Bill Murray. It’s cheeky priceless.

Nick Venable
Nick Venable

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