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Word is Academy Award winner Rachel Weisz is in talks to take the mantle from Julia Stiles, Franka Potente and Joan Allen as the forceful female presence streamlining the new Bourne Legacy flick opposite Jeremy Renner. The forty-one year old has done well previously in her action efforts, most notably the original Mummy, but it'll be interesting to see how she plays off Jeremy Renner. His seething aggressiveness has led to consecutive Oscar nominations, but most of his best work has been delivered in monologues or one-sided conversations. Weisz should provide a talented counterpunch to play back at him, provided she moves forward with the role.

That selection, of course, is still far from a done deal. Weisz is also in talks for Sam Raimi's Oz: The Great And Powerful. Opportunistic estimates say she could likely shoot the Spider-Man director's film in the summer and follow with Bourne immediately afterwards, but that would likely require Universal and Disney playing nice.

The new Bourne movie inhabits the same world as the original three but is populated with new personalities. According to Deadline, Renner will play a still unnamed, dangerous operative unleashed to carry out an assignment. If Weisz boards, she would play the principal female lead, though its unclear whether she would be a love interest, a partner or a foe.

Regardless of whether you're on board with Jeremy Renner as the star of the Bourne Legacy or not, the fourth installment is happening. No doubt some will secretly hope it implodes as punishment for Universal forcing another round on the general public sans Matt Damon, but if the thing is going to get made, I'd rather see it done right. This casting news is the second real step, after Renner, toward quality.