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The Raid: Redemption Sequel Will Start Two Hours After The End Of The First Film

One element that I really love about writer/director Gareth Evans' The Raid: Redemption is the way that it completely ignores human biology. Characters in that movie are shot, stabbed, kicked, punched and slammed into walls, yet the heroes would just dust themselves off and move on to the next fight. It's not hard to imagine that every surviving character was rushed to a hospital immediately after the events of the film... but apparently that's too boring of a thought, because Evans is getting set to have the sequel start right after where the first one left off.

The filmmaker recently took to his Twitter account to announce that The Raid sequel, titled Berandal, will begin a mere two hours after the end of the last movie and is set to start production later this month. "Ok Raid 2 tidbit," Evans started. "We start shooting on January 19th and the first scene takes place 2hrs after the first film ends."

But that's not all. After that message Evans sent out another more cryptic Tweet that says, "A fishing shack, Rama, Bowo, a zip tied Wahyu and a box of tapes." In addition to setting up a cool visual, this also means that the project will have at least three of its stars returning, including Iko Uwais (Rama), Tegar Satrya (Bowo) and Pierre Gruno (Wahyu).

I must say that I'm tremendously excited for this film. The Raid: Redemption had some of the best fight choreography that I've ever seen and I can't wait to see how Evans raises the bar with the sequel.

Eric Eisenberg
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