Ray Liotta Is The Doctor Treating Football Player 50 Cent

It's still not particularly clear how the small-scale drama Things Falls Apart is going to pull off the feat of making Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson look like a believable college football player, given that the man is 35 years old and his acting skills are, well, a little fuzzy. I'm not sure how Ray Liotta would help this situation, but he certainly can't hurt . Variety reports that Liotta has joined the cast of the Mario van Peebles film, which is already filming in Michigan.

Given that Jackson's character is facing his own mortality in the film, and that Liotta's character is a doctor, I imagine Liotta will be playing a fairly significant role in things. Liotta is on a roll lately of appearing in films that nobody is seeing, from tiny dramas like Battle in Seattle and Powder Blue to notable flops like Observe and Report and Youth in Revolt. Will the appeal of a rapper playing a football player make this one any more likely to be seen? As weird as the idea is, I'm guessing not.

Katey Rich

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend