The Really Weird Thing About Movie Premieres That Take Place In Japan

Thanks to things like the internet, the world is becoming a much closer global community. We’re exposed to different cultures every day and we get a new understanding of different peoples and how their traditions differ from our own. Turns out some countries are weird, and movie premieres are very unusual.

Jurassic World’s Nick Robinson spoke to ScreenRant recently and he happened to mention his experience at the Japanese premier of the film. It turns out that movie fans don’t react to movie stars the same way there that they do here. He said: [in the USA] you go to the movie premiere and people are screaming. There [in japan] it is dead silence..[but] everyone just waves at you. It’s crazy. It’s unlike anything I have experienced in my… life.

So the limo pulls up, you get out with a big smile for your fans, and you can hear a pin drop. And everybody’s waving at you. Honestly, the entire thing sounds more than a little creepy. I’ve never walked down the red carpet at a movie premier, but the idea of being surrounded by crowds of people waving at you while remaining utterly silent sounds like something out of a horror movie. I’ assume they’re probably smiling at the movie stars, but I’m not sure that makes it better.

Movie premieres are one of those things that sound like they’re super fun until you realize that the stars have to do them over and over again in nearly every country in the world. It’s the sort of thing that results in Tom Cruise attending three premieres for Edge of Tomorrow in a single day. None of those were in Japan however. One imagines that him showing up to silent waving fans after hitting Paris and New York would be more than slightly jarring. Russell Brand didn’t even attend the premiere of the documentary about his own life. Apparently, they're not as great as they sometimes seem.

While I wasn’t able to track down any good red carpet footage from Jurassic World’s premier in Japan. Here’s a clip of Angelina Jolie signing autographs for fans when Maleficent was released. While there’s no incessant waving, it is an oddly quiet affair.

So, that’s your cultural lesson for the week. Japan will be incredibly nice to you if you’re a movie star. They’re just not going to make much noise.

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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