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Reese Witherspoon is going virtual, but it’s not what you think. The Oscar winner’s production company is developing a new cyber thriller called Second Life.

According to Variety, Pacific Standard—which is the production company co-owned by Reese Witherspoon and Bruna Papandrea—is reportedly developing a film adaptation of the S.J. Watson novel Second Life. This will be the fourth film project released from three-year-old production house. No word yet on who will star in the cyber thriller, or when production is expected to begin.

Based on Watson's novel of the same name, Second Life centers on a woman who creates an online persona in an effort to learn more about her sister’s violent death. Unfortunately, she begins to get caught up in the web of lies that she creates. This movie will mark yet another film project from Pacific Standard featuring a female protagonist, a situation that is not a coincidence at all.

In a Variety interview in October 2014, the Walk the Line actress and her business partner, Bruna Papandrea, expressed that they shared the same mission for their young production company from the very beginning. Both women, who are self-professed voracious readers, admitted to be open to developing movie projects based on novels, as well as new material, but the goal of their company was always about something far more meaningful. Papandrea spoke to the strong sentiment of developing more roles for women, whether it’s on the big screen or TV. Witherspoon added to that, saying:
And we are open to all genres at this company. What attracts us is character and a funny, unique voice, regardless of genre. We just want to see different, dynamic women on film.

Witherspoon and Papandrea are well on their way to accomplishing this goal. Their first film project, Wild, which starred Witherspoon, centered on a female protagonist who set out on a hiking trip across the Pacific Crest Trail in search of self-discovery and healing. Gone Girl, Pacific Standard’s second project, and arguably a much darker film, centered on a married woman, her relationship with her husband, and an ensuing twisted murder mystery. Their upcoming third project, Hot Pursuit, is much lighter in tone and also stars Witherspoon, this time alongside Sofia Vergara of Modern Family fame. Despite appearing in two of the production company’s first three films, Witherspoon admitted back in October that she doesn’t feel pressure to star in every one of Pacific Standard's film, and that it’s about getting the right person for the role.

Upcoming film projects from Pacific Standard include adaptations of the novels Big Little Lies, The Engagments, Pennyroyal’s Princess Boot Camp, and The Outliers. There's no word on when we might see Second Life, but in the meantime, the action comedy Hot Pursuit hits theaters Friday, May 8.

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