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The Renaissance Festival Gets Comedic

If you’ve ever been to a Renaissance Fair, you know they can be one of the strangest environments in the world. Far too frequently the bad ones take themselves way too seriously, which just makes a mockery of the entire concept of a Ren-fest. Ye Olde Times looks to be making a comedy about exactly that and is picking up quite the cast: Justin Chatwin (The Invisible), Jack Black (Tenacious D), David Arquette (The Tripper), Matthew Lillard (Scooby-Doo), and Orlando Jones (MAD TV) have all signed to the Renaissance Fair comedy.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Chatwin will play the romantic lead of the film about a modern day medieval troupe of actors at one of the cheesier Renaissance Fairs. Among the troupe’s members are Arquette and Lillard, reuniting from their stint together in Scream. Orlando Jones will be one of the more uppity members of the troupe; an actor committed to performing only serious renditions of Shakespeare.

Sadly, it doesn’t sound like we’ll see Jack Black in Renaissance garb. He will play Professor Shockworthy, the narrator of the picture.

Ye Olde Times will be Robert A. White’s first attempt at writing/directing. His only other previous credit is Other People’s Parties, a comedy coming out next year with significantly less notable names attached. Hopefully he’s ready to reign in the comedic actors signed on to his Ren-fest comedy, although just reading the cast list and plot makes me think he needs a few more names. David Cross needs to be signed immediately. Alan Rickman would also be a coup - after all, he made the Ren-fest funny on King of the Hill, so I can only imagine what he might do in a live-action picture.