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We're dying to see what will result from the unlikely team of David Cronenberg and Robert Pattinson in Cosmopolis, the new film from the Canadian director that's premiering at Cannes this week. Will Cronenberg be able to help Pattinson give the kind of performance that hasn't been evident in any of the Twilight movies? Will the slightly trippy material get Cronenberg back to his freaky roots and away from the dull likes of A Dangerous Method? Everyone at Cannes is getting ready to find out, while the rest of us have to wait patiently for the film's actual release.

But even after Cosmopolis opens, we may find ourselves waiting impatiently for an entirely different Cronenberg/Pattinson collaboration. Talking to the French magazine Inrockuptibles (via Bleeding Cool), Pattinson revealed that he and Cronenberg are already planning a reunion, and this one in a location that will keep them pretty close to Cannes:

I’m filming another movie with Cronenberg but I don’t know when he wants to start filming. It’s going to be his first one in France and he promises it’s going to be very strange.

That uncertainty about when they'll start filming is probably because Cronenberg has about half a dozen other projects he's been talking about making recently. Primary among them is a sequel to Eastern Promises, which Cronenberg has talked about seriously several times recently, and which seems like the perfect opportunity for him and Viggo Mortensen to get back together. Is Robert Pattinson becoming Cronenberg's new muse and getting all the good stuff? Or have Cronenberg and Pattinson just had time to chat at Cannes and make plans for a reunion at some point in the future? Of course we have no idea, and independent productions like Cronenberg's are usually determined much more by where the money comes from and when than what they actually want to make next. But if it turns out that Cosmopolis is a masterpiece, know that a second Pattinson/Cronenberg collaboration could be right around the corner.

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