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Anyone who has been paying the slightest bit of attention to The Rock or Kevin Hart’s social media pages over the last year know that the pair have been working tirelessly on Central Intelligence. Those boys sure know how to promote online. But is Central Intelligence actually going to be any good? Well, the latest trailer for the buddy-crime comedy certainly suggests so, with the pair showing a camaraderie that teases it will be a laugh-out-loud riot.
Sure, there’s nothing remotely original about Central Intelligence. Not only does Dwayne Johnson seem to be playing a more toned down version of his Fast & Furious character Luke Hobbs (the scene of the pair jumping out of a high-rise building seems to have been ripped straight out of Furious 7). But Kevin Hart is also playing the same kind of character that we’ve seen him do so several times before in the likes of Ride Along and Get Hard.

But no one should have one iota of a problem with that. Because that’s exactly what we want to see Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart doing. The script and film itself appear to have been perfectly orchestrated to get as many laughs as possible from the scenario, while making sure that it’s enthralling and rollicking, too.

In Central Intelligence, Dwayne Johnson stars as Bob Stone, a previously hefty kid in high school who was relentlessly bullied for being overweight. Inspired by the abuse that he repeatedly received, Bob Stone has gone on to become a lethal CIA agent. Returning home for his high school reunion, Bob Stone decides to enlist the help of Kevin Hart’s Calvin, who was previously the coolest kid on campus, but has now settled into a cozy life of being an accountant.

Obviously, throughout the course of Central Intelligence, Dwayne Johnson throws Kevin Hart head first into the world of espionage, which, as the trailer makes clear, even sees the diminutive comedian murder someone with his bare hands. I have to say I’m already completely sold on the film. Not only are Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson superb leading men with undeniable magnetism, but they also know their cinematic roles. Johnson is going to be slightly over-the-top and get Kevin Hart into scrapes that he doesn’t want to be in, while Kevin Hart is going to react in an angry but hilarious manner.

Plus, there were at least three occasions when I laughed-out-loud while watching the trailer. Which is a pretty high rate, especially when you compare it to the Ghostbusters trailer. Too soon? Central Intelligence will be with us on June 17.

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