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Adam McKay and Will Ferrell seem to have something special up their sleeve with their next movie, The Others Guys. While the two often pull great actors and actresses into their collaborations, with the exception of a few greats like Richard Jenkins and John C. Reilly (although the latter is technically “in the loop”), they’re rarely people outside of Ferrell and McKay’s loop of comedy friends,

Having just signed Eva Mendes and Michael Keaton up for roles in the flick, Adam McKay has also locked up Samuel L. Jackson, Dwayne Johnson, and Steve Coogan to co-star. According to Variety, the three will play a team of elite cops whose “exploits” are the envy of the entire department, including Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg’s characters. The movie is set to start filming on Wednesday.

McKay hasn’t really done much action, but this flick is sure to have a lot of it. And with the cast that he’s brought in, I can’t imagine that a talent like McKay can mess it up. Step Brothers was a chance for him and Ferrell to do what they love: spend a whole movie shouting random one-liners about nothing. This sounds like it’ll be something new for him and his team. This is something to be excited about.