Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is a proven savior for pretty much any franchise you can throw at him. It's been three years since your goofy family adventure movie with Brendan Fraser, and Fraser won't return? No problem-- just replace Fraser with The Rock and make even more the second time. It's been three years since your goofy action movie based on a bunch toys with Channing Tatum, and Tatum doesn't want a big role the second time? No big deal! Bring in The Rock to quote Jay-Z in the Super Bowl ad and get on your merry way.

It's hard to even know which franchise The Rock has benefited most by transforming, but I'd make my pick the Fast and Furious movies, which found glorious new life with Fast Five, a heist movie with cars and Dwayne Johnson as the square "bad guy" who eventually joins our outlaws. He's set to return in the glorious-looking sequel this May, and now rumor has it he could start shouldering even more of the franchise's future. Well, The Rock might be the one starting that rumor. Check out what he had to say to Empire in the video below:

Granted, when I spoke to The Rock about Snitch a few weeks ago and thanked him for the glorious airplane stunt shown off in that Super Bowl trailer, he took full credit for the stunt. So it's hard to know if the guy knows something we don't or is just happy to go along with whatever wild idea an interviewer suggests. Then again, he seems to think the spinoff will definitely happen at some point-- though like most things in the industry, that promise is only good if the box office numbers stay happy.

I think pretty much any movie is made better by the presence of The Rock. But is buttoned-up Luke Hobbs really any good without Dom Torretto and his gang to bounce off of? I vote no-- but far be it from me to deprive the world of more movies featuring The Rock. He's pretty much America's greatest natural resource at this point.

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