Is The Rock the only person starring in the upcoming G.I. Joe: Retaliation? Not so far as we know. But he's probably the most famous-- sorry, Channing Tatum-- and that seems to be enough to merit his presence, and his presence alone, on the first poster we've seen for the movie, which of course The Rock himself tweeted today. If you know anything about The Rock or the G.I. Joe franchise you can pretty much guess where this is going to go, but let's take a look at the poster below anyway.

What's remarkable isn't that it's The Rock standing there looking stern with a gun in his hand-- you pretty much saw that coming-- but that it's so similar to this set photo, which emerged when production has just begun on the film. Clearly The Rock is a man who knows his best angles and poses, and who realizes how much he can dominate a photo just by standing in a way that says, "Yeah, I know. I'm intimidating. Deal with it."

It's not just this poster that's emphasizing The Rock's role here above just about anything else-- I'm still fairly mesmerized by the Super Bowl spot that kicks off with The Rock quoting Jay-Z. Presumably at some point down the road, when producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura and director Jon M. Chu are slightly less obsessed with pointing out how different this movie will be from the last G.I. Joe, we'll get a better look at what the rest of the cast is up to here.

Even if you couldn't stand Rise of Cobra when it was in theaters three years ago, G.I. Joe: Retaliation is looking pretty promising-- yes, even though it's directed by the guy who made Justin Bieber: Never Say Never. The new Joe movie is set to open June 29.

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