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We heard late in 2008 that plans had been developing for a movie version of late and lamented HBO series Rome, which sent all the Kevin McKidd fangirls into a tizzy. Now Entertainment Weekly is reporting that it's all actually happening-- progress on the film sequel is "well under way" now that the creator and executive producer Bruno Heller has completed a script.

Apparently the story now picks up in Germany, four years after the end of the series. It's quite possible the focus will be this battle, which established the northern border of the Roman Empire well within modern-day Germany until its collapse hundreds of years later. Sure, that battle occurred 50+ years after the series ended, but what's history for if not playing around with? McKidd and co-star Ray Stevenson are apparently likely to sign on, though no deals have been completed and apparently McKidd's character died at the end of the series. I don't know, guys-- after Angelia Jolie bailed on Wanted 2, the fates for dead characters in sequels are looking kind of iffy.

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