Rosario Dawson Dumps Kevin Smith

Kevin Smith has hinted for awhile now that the part of “Miri” in his new comedy Zack and Miri Make a Porno was written with Clerks II star Rosario Dawson in mind, and Dawson had been spotted going in to visit Smith for auditions. Unfortunately, Rosario has chosen the kid from Transformers and Indiana Jones 4 instead. She’s following the money.

MTV recently spoke with Dawson, who is out promoting her awful new movie Descent. While quizzing her, she revealed that she won’t be a part of Zack and Miri. Instead, she says “He wrote it for me, but I’m just signing on to do [”Eagle Eye”] and that’s going to be shooting from November to March.”

Eagle Eye is the movie that re-teams Disturbia director DJ Caruso with Shia LaBeouf and it probably has a much bigger budget than Zack and Miri and thus probably a bigger paycheck for Rosario. It’s a big dumb thriller about a slacker whose single mother is framed as a terrorist. Rosario is too young to play the mother and Shia is playing the slacker, so presumably she’s taking some second banana part in a big dumb terrorist movie instead of a starring role in a smaller, smarter, riskier, less likely to give her a big pay day Kevin Smith movie. Rosario would rather go play with the cool kids. What a disappointment. She’s officially lost her place as the object of geekdom obsession.

Josh Tyler