The Host
A quick personal history with the book The Host:

I thought the cover looked intriguing.

I had no idea it was written by the same author who wrote the Twilight series, even though it said it right on the aforementioned cover.

The first two-thirds or so was fairly gripping, an interesting take on an the alien-invasion theme.

It got increasingly schmaltzy and sappy, devolving into a Nicholas Sparks (or Stephenie Meyer book)

I stopped reading it about fifty pages from the end because it was horrible and I wanted every character to die.

Now its a movie. Awesome.

I held out a sliver of hope the film makers would turn this into something watchable, but alas, its looks like a lot of “Melanie, I love you!” and “Jared I love you so much, let’s make sure we kiss in the rain!” and “I love you but I can’t love you, but still, I love you, let’s be in love!” You get the point. In other words, it’s the Twilight novels with aliens.

Directed by Andrew Niccol (In Time-36%, Lord of War-61%), The Host appears the kind of film that has redeemable qualities (aspects of the premise, some neat action scenes, a special effect or two), but never gets out of its own way and lets a compromised story dictate a shaky path toward whatever cheesy thing happens in the end (again, I couldn’t finish the book). The Rotten Watch for The Host is 39%

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