Rumor: Justice League Movie Could Be In Theaters By 2015

Warner Bros. and DC Comics have been circling a multi-hero Justice League film for years now, with names like George Miller added and subtracted from the equation without any real results. So as we get closer to seeing rival Marvel’s The Avengers, it’s no real surprise that rumors regarding a Justice League film are heating back up. (yes, “cosmic”) runs a rumor on its site that Warner and Legendary Pictures want a Justice League film in theaters by 2015 or 2016. Again, this is a rumor, and needs to be treated as such. But there are a few interesting details in their report. First, they mention that DC Comics Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns would executive produce the feature, and David Goyer’s the leading candidate to write a script. Though they say Christian Bale likely wouldn’t return as Batman in the League film, Henry Cavill and Ryan Reynolds could don the Superman and Green Lantern tights for the picture.

That sounds like taking a page right out of Marvel’s Avengers book, no?

Before a Justice League film happens, according to the site, both Superman and Green Lantern would get second, standalone features that may or may not lead into the plot of Justice League. Now, all of this sounds extremely tentative. And virtually everything you just read could change or, even more likely, completely fall apart. Man of Steel could tank. Christopher Nolan could decide to do three more Dark Knight films with Bale, pushing JL back even more.

But it’s worth noting that the project will not fade away, and as Marvel brings The Avengers to fruition. You know the creative folks at DC are chomping at the bit to assemble their own super team for a major motion picture. We’ll see if it ever happens.

Sean O'Connell
Managing Editor

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