Russell Crowe may soon go back to making movies people want to see. Or at least he’ll make movies we haven’t already seen like, you know, Robin Hood. The LA Times says he’s set to star in The Equalizer, and yep, it’s based on the TV series from the 80s.

Hold on, before you start complaining about television shows being turned into movies. The Equalizer isn’t exactly The A-Team. There’s nothing iconic, or even particularly memorable about it. That means they’ll have plenty of room to do pretty much whatever the hell they want with it. And the premise of the show, well that’s good.

The series was about an aging New York vigilante named Robert McCall. His background was mysterious, but suitably violent, resulting in a show where a man sought penance for his vicious past by righting wrongs, usually with a gun. It’s a part that screams Russell Crowe, and it seems like just the part he needs after forcing us to watch him do increasingly lame movies recently. This could be Russell Crowe’s Batman, and to me that sounds pretty badass.

The movie isn't ready to go quite yet. They don't have a director or even a studio, for that matter. But with Russell Crowe's name to put on the marquee, that seems sure to follow in short order.

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