Ryan Reynolds Just Revealed Deadpool's Mask And We're Fired Up

Although Wade Wilson made his theatrical debut in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, the character that appeared in that story was in no way Deadpool. Aside from a brief five minutes of Ryan Reynolds wisecracking, Wade spent the majority of the film as a multi-powered science experiment that had his mouth sewn shut. Fortunately, 2016’s Deadpool will attempt to remedy past mistakes by giving the Merc With a Mouth the film he deserves, and one of the main fixes will be giving him something he never had in the last film: a mask. Now thanks to Reynolds, we know what Wade will be covering his face with in the movie.

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Reynolds took to Twitter early this morning to post a picture of what the Deadpool mask will look like in the solo film, and it looks quite impressive. The hashtags suggest that this is just a prototype of what we’ll see in the final product, although this honestly already looks quite close to what Deadpool wears in the comics. The sepia tone disguises what color the mask is, although Reynolds jokes that we can expect it to be ballerina pink. It's not that we’d put it past Wade Wilson to wear a pink mask and all-pink outfit while kicking ass, but if the movie is staying true to the source material, the getup will likely be the same shade of red that he’s been wearing for years. Either way, this picture is sure to get any fan of the character fired up for his solo adventure.

Because the image is so dark, we decided to take it upon ourselves to lighten up a bit and adjust the contrast. You can get a better look at the Deadpool mask below:


The "365 sleeps early" comment is a clever way of saying that Deadpool will be hitting theaters exactly one year from today, on February 12, 2016. Deadpool had been stuck in development hell for years, but finally started clawing it's way out last summer when animated test footage leaked on the internet. After earning near-universal praise from fans, 20th Century Fox finally greenlit the movie, and principal photography is scheduled to begin next month. It will be 2016’s first of three X-Men movies, and will be followed by X-Men: Apocalypse in May and the Channing Tatum-starring Gambit in October.

In the comics, Deadpool wears the mask to hide his disfigured face. As seen in the Spider-Man movies, filmmakers aren’t often too keen on their protagonists having their faces completely covered during the whole movie, but hopefully an exception can be made for Deadpool. Okay, he doesn’t have to wear it 100% of the time, but while in battle, don’t pull that trick of strategically ripping parts of it off. If he pulls off his mask, it should only be because he’s relaxing after a hard day of mercenary work and eating some chimichangas.

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