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Sarah Jessica Parker Holding Out Hope For One More Sex And The City Movie

Because she doesn't know how to leave well enough alone, and because she's become very, very rich from playing Carrie Bradshaw over the course of 11 years, Sarah Jessica Parker is still keeping the dream of a third Sex and the City movie alive. No, really. Talking to The LA Times on the set of her next film I Don't Know How She Does It, Parker dropped a pretty substantial hint that, should the moment arrive, she'd step right back into Carrie's obscenely expensive shoes:

"I'd definitely tell that [third] story, and I know Michael would do it right. But maybe not now. Maybe in five years, you know?""It's not that I want to get away from [SATC]. In a million years, who could get away from it it? [But] if I'm not scared again that's not good for me. That's literally no good for me. If I'm not terrified and nauseous and worried the first two weeks of production, then what's going to happen? You could wither on the vine. It's like if you can't use your leg. It just atrophies."

There's so much to say here, starting with reminding Parker that maybe being scared during a production is actually a bad sign, but I refuse to take this too seriously. A new Sex and the City movie would require the other three actresses from the show to sign on, and based on some recent quotes they mostly seem pretty ready to move on with their lives. Sure Parker wants to make it happen-- she wants that fourth vacation home, like we all do-- but I'm not taking this an actual threat without more evidence that Warner Bros., which owns the rights to the franchise, is equally interested.

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