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Earlier this year, Anthony Anderson did something very meta. After having starred in two films from the Scary Movie franchise, which began as a parody of Wes Craven's Scream, Anderson played Deputy Perkins in Scream 4. Now he may be coming full circle as, according to Bloody Disgusting, Dimension films hopes to bring him back for Scary Movie 5.

The site reports that the studio has hired Stephen Leff, John Aboud and Michael Colton to pen the screenplay for the project and are now looking for Anderson, Regina Hall and Kevin Hart to reprise their roles from the previous installments. While offers have been sent out, nothing has been signed and it's not even clear if Anderson, Hall or Hart have entered negotiations. The actors have all appeared more than one other Scary Movie, Hall having appeared in all four and Anthony and Hart entering with franchise in the third film. The only other actor to appear in all of the previous films is Anna Faris, who isn't mentioned in the article.

It should be noted that this is far from the first time that Scary Movie 5 has been given the greenlight (we've been hearing about it since 2006). There have been multiple updates over the years, including one that said the movie would be a reboot and another simply reminded us of the project's existence. Considering that the franchise has always made a profit, it's hard to say why the studio has been dragging its heels. Making a Scary Movie installment doesn't require a $200 million budget and the WETA workshop.