Scott Pilgrim Trailer Debuts This Friday

Unless you've suffered brain damage as a child, you are looking forward to Edgar Wright's adaptation of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. Every little bit we have heard from those that have seen the film has been overwhelmingly positive, but that has been only an exclusive group thus far. Hell, up until this point the most we have seen from the film has been two stills and a poster. That changes Friday.

Kick-Ass is set to premiere this week in the UK (lucky bastards), and JoBlo has found out that the first trailer - a teaser, of course - for Scott Pilgrilm will be attached. The article says that the clip clocks out at about 83 seconds, but and is expected to go online the same day.

While we don't know it is going to be released on Apple, the film's official website (find that here), or even perhaps a viral marketing launch site, more details are guaranteed to come over the next couple of days to clue us in. Wherever it shows up, you can be sure that we will have it the second we find it.

Eric Eisenberg
Assistant Managing Editor

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