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When it comes to training for the possible zombie apocalypse, surely practice doesn’t get better than working on a zombie movie. Sure, everything is fake, and someone is stopping action by calling cut every 30 seconds or so, but the experience for an actor on some level is just playing out a giant simulation of what could happen if the dead came back to life. This was something recognized by the cast of the new feature Scouts Guide To The Zombie Apocalypse, who picked up some of their own survival tips during the making of the film.

Last week, Paramount Pictures hosted a press day in Los Angeles for the new comedy horror film, and while sitting down with the stars of the movie I took the opportunity to ask about what kind of zombie apocalypse lessons that they took away from the production. First up, I chatted with the trio of Logan Miller, Sarah Dumont and Joey Morgan, who play characters in the movie who find it best that they work together as a team to survive the attack of the living dead. So what was it that they learned? That there’s definite strength in numbers… oh, and that clean underwear is important as well. Watch their response in the video below!
My interview with Scouts Guide To The Zombie Apocalypse’s three leads was followed by a conversation with the great David Koechner. In the movie, his character – Scout Master Rogers – actually gets bitten and turned into a zombie himself fairly early on, but don’t take that to mean that he didn’t still pick up one or two survival tips. In fact, it gave him time to meditate on a full-on plan for what to do when dead folks starting getting up and walking around. It involves grouping everyone he loves together and heading out on a trip to the Midwest – for a specific reason that goes beyond minimal population and a lot of flat terrain – as you’ll find in the short video below:
Scouts Guide To The Zombie Apocalypse is the directorial debut of Paranormal Activity franchise screenwriter Christopher Landon, and is set to drop in theaters this Friday, October 30th – just in time for your Halloween festivities.