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This has been a bad week for movie news. Halo gets cancelled, and in its place we got remakes of Rocky Horror and Time Bandits. But this, this really takes the cake. So here on Halloween is some news to scare the cccrrraaaaaaaaaaaaaaapppp out of you!!!

For some reason they’re making a prequel toSe7en. Yes you read right. Se7en. Prequel. Shield your eyes please.

Seven was the horror movie elevated to the level of art. A truly horrifying, bleak film that actually had something to say about the world. True that thing was the world is a hopeless place where all light and beauty are crushed under the heel of the evil and corrupt, but still it’s nice to see some sort of vision.

According to Bloody-Disgusting the prequel is tentatively being called Virtue. There's not much else on the film so far, not even the meagerest plot description. All we know at the time is that David Fincher is uninvolved, and the creator of the original Andrew Kevin Walker, isn't touching it with a ten-foot pole.

This is a long way from happening, and there was a previous spin off rumored, called E8ight, which would have followed Morgan Freeman fighting a psychic serial killer. It died a quiet death, hopefully this will to.