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Sebastian Stan Is Bucky Barnes In First Avenger: Captain America

Even with the casting of Captain America and the Red Skull out of the way, the cast for Joe Johnston's First Avenger: Captain America is still not complete. After all, it's kind of hard to make a World War II movie with only two people. A lot still has to be done pre-production-wise before filming starts this summer, but the newest casting news out of the film is a major step in the name of progress.

THR (which hasn't run an April Fools story) is reporting that Sebastian Stan, has been officially cast as Cap's sidekick, the always plucky Bucky Barnes. In the comics, despite being too young to join the army, Bucky is taken in as the mascot at the training camp where his father died. After the start of World War II and discovering Cap's secret identity, he becomes the Robin to Cap's Batman as they took on the Nazis. Stan originally auditioned for the lead role in the film, which eventually went to Chris Evans.

If there is a strange aspect to this story, it's that insiders say Stan has been signed on for either five or six films. The reason this is peculiar is that once Captain America is frozen for 50+ years, Bucky doesn't stay the same age. What this probably means is that future installments could involve flashbacks to the fight in Germany. As for the casting of Stan, I can't say that I'm too familiar with his work (which has largely consisted of television shows as of late), but it's troubling that a 5'10", 26 year old has been cast to play a scrawny teenager. It sure there's an interesting rationalization for that.

Eric Eisenberg
Eric Eisenberg

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