See Arthur C. Clarke's Rendezvous With Rama Envisioned As A Movie

The works of science fiction author and legend Arthur C. Clarke have been turned into films before (2001 anyone?), but one of this biggest works has long sat on the shelf undeveloped. It’s called Rendezvous with Rama and over the years different filmmakers have been rumored to be developing it, not long ago even David Fincher was supposed to be working on a Rama film version. None of that has come to pass and for fans of the series maybe it’s starting to look like it never will.

The book is the story of a massive alien starship, named Rama, which drifts into our solar system. A group of humans is sent out into space to inspect it, and inside discover amazing mysteries in side the vessel. Maybe we’ll never see Rama’s wonders on film, but if we do, one talented film student has come up with a visualization of how it might look on screen.

The following video was created by Vancouver Film School student Philip Mahoney and it imagines, rather successfully, what Rama might be on screen. It’s a trailer, introducing Clarke’s now nearly forty-year-old tale as a feature. Watch:

Josh Tyler