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It has been a while since actor Jeremy Renner took the opportunity to send out a photo of himself from the set of Joe and Anthony Russo's Captain America: Civil War, though today he is back with a vengeance and some pretty cool promo art.

With this new Tweet from his official account, Jeremy Renner has become the latest star of the film to ask the audience whose side they are on. As comic book fans know, this is a reference to the conflict that brews between Captain America and Iron Man in the storyline, with the two superheroes fundamentally disagreeing on the subject of Superhero Registration. This obviously explains why the two characters are featured on opposite sides of the promo art held by Renner in this picture.

It's interesting that Jeremy Renner would be asking the audience whose side they are on, as many fans are asking the exact same question about Clint Barton a.k.a. Hawkeye. Unlike Anthony Mackie's Falcon (who is obviously going to side with Captain America) and Don Cheadle's War Machine (who is obviously going to side with Iron Man), Hawkeye sits in an interesting position where one could see him joining either side of the fight. On the one hand, he spent many years working for a larger institution as a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent. On the other hand, he was never really much of a team player (loyal to Nicky Fury, not loyal to S.H.I.E.L.D.), and he watched the whole thing burn to the ground thanks to a Hydra infestation. As such, we can't really say at this point whose side he is going to be on.

In addition to being promo art, the image that Jeremy Renner is holding looks like it was also a "Welcome to the set!" from the folks at Marvel - and from the evidence we've heard, it sounds like he's going to have a fairly significant part to play in the story. As he noted back in April, he has been a part of the Captain America: Civil War production from very early on, and there have also been rumors swirling around that he will butt heads with Chadwick Boseman's Black Panther - one of the big movie's big new additions to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

In addition to all of the actors mentioned above, the expansive Captain America: Civil War cast also includes Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson, Sebastian Stan, Paul Bettany, Elizabeth Olsen, Paul Rudd, Emily VanCamp, Daniel Brühl, Frank Grillo, William Hurt, and Martin Freeman - many of whom who have been very active on social media giving us sneak peeks into the production. Stay tuned for more updates about the film, and look for it in theaters on May 6, 2016.

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