See Jeff Goldblum And An Entire Wedding Party Running From A T-Rex

Up until now Bill Murray has been the king of randomly appearing at public gatherings, only to entertain fans and create the stories that the internet thrives on retelling. At least that was until Jeff Goldblum recently made a move towards joining the racket of celebrities from your childhood making everything more awesome. Of course, whenever Goldblum is around, one of two things is bound to happen: either someone's about to get charmed, or someone's in mortal danger. Judging by the Jurassic Park co-star that's in pursuit of the wedding party in the photo below, the latter seems to be on the menu.


Adam Biesenthal Photography shared this new photo, as well as the story behind it's inception. Apparently Jeff Goldblum was invited to the wedding in question (and why wouldn't he be?!) and the groom, obviously a Jurassic Park fan, asked the actor if he would be a part of a group photoshoot where the entire wedding party is running away from a bloodthirsty Tyrannosaurus Rex. Always game for something exciting and memorable, Goldblum said yes and the rest was prehistoric history.

It's stuff like this that makes me think celebrities like Bill Murray and Jeff Goldblum should start their own organization of celebrities willing to show up to random life events (or be hired to show up to said events) and just have fun. If there were two people you'd want to crash a party, it would be those two, as Murray's proven he's a great toastmaster at bachelor parties and Goldblum has now proven to be a good sport about revisiting his iconic role from Jurassic Park. In case you want to watch it again, here's a clip from that now famous Bill Murray sighting earlier this year.

In fact, just to make things fun, why not theme your upcoming wedding/birthday party/birth announcement after Jurassic Park and Ghostbusters, so as to invite these two nutty funsters into the fun alongside you? Or, if you want to go more indie and make things a hell of a lot easier on the two of them, you could just throw a Life Aquatic-themed event and have them both reprise their characters.

For now, Bill Murray can be seen in St. Vincent this October, while Jeff Goldblum can next be seen in Mortdecai next February. Though it wouldn't hurt for Warner Bros to court the two for a Grumpy Old Men reboot. Just sayin'.

Mike Reyes
Senior Movies Contributor

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