See The Suicide Squad Cast Gathered Together For A Read Through

Over the last few months, David Ayer's Suicide Squad has been putting together a pretty impressive list of actors to star in various key roles, and with production just about ready to roll, the director has shared a first look image at all of the cast together for a script read-through. Check it out below!

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This image comes to us from David Ayer's personal Twitter account - which he has been using a lot recently to give fans inside peeks at Suicide Squad, and you'll notice that this picture includes a few actors who we previously didn't know were going to be in the blockbuster (as well as a few missing faces). Here's a left-to-right breakdown of who is photographed here, along with their roles:

So who is missing from this picture? Well, the most obvious absentee is Jared Leto, who will be playing the growing DC Cinematic Universe's version of The Joker. But also not pictured are actors expected to be taking smaller roles, including Raymond Olubowale (said to be playing King Shark) and Scott Eastwood. While it's possible that those two actors have roles small enough that they didn't need to be on hand for the table read, the fact that Leto is missing is a bit of a headscratcher. Perhaps he was the one talking the photo:

Killing Joke

It's also worth noting that this cast image doesn't include Jesse Eisenberg, who has been rumored to reprise his Lex Luthor role from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice in Suicide Squad. Of course, just because he isn't pictured here doesn't mean he isn't in the movie; he may just be playing a limited role or simply making a cameo appearance.

Based on the DC Comics of the same name, Suicide Squad follows a group of convicted supervillains who are enlisted by the government to perform black ops missions in exchange for commuted sentences. Warner Bros. has not yet released an official plot synopsis for the film, so we can't say for certain exactly what the movie is about, but we it's expected to basically be the comic book blockbuster equivalent of The Dirty Dozen. We're definitely pumped up.

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