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See Tom Hiddleston As Music Legend Hank Williams In I Saw The Light

In just the last few years, Tom Hiddleston has revealed himself as one of the best young actors currently working in the movie industry - whether he's taking on big blockbuster parts or starring in intimate dramas. Later this year he'll be showcasing his skills in the latter category with the Hank Williams biopic I Saw The Light... but what may surprise you is that it will be a transformative performance as well. See what I mean thanks to the first look image below (and click it to see it in high-res):

I Saw The Light Hiddleston

This isn't a transformation on the level of, say, Jared Leto in Dallas Buyers Club, but there is a certain excellent subtlety at work here, and it really works to make Tom Hiddleston look just that much more like the legendary country singer that he's portraying:

Hank Williams

Of course, it will take much more than a make-up process to turn Tom Hiddleston into Hank Williams for I Saw The Light. Obviously it's a role that also requires a bit of musical skills as well - at least enough to make it look like he knows what he's doing around a guitar. The good news, however, is that the incredible, multi-talented star actually has some real skills holding a six-string - as seen in the following video taken at a musical festival last fall:

Basically, we predict that Hiddleston is absolutely going to kill it in this movie.

Both written and directed by Marc Abraham (Flash of Genius), I Saw The Light will tell the story of how Hank Williams rose to fame thanks to his incredibly skills as a musician - but ultimately falter and die far too young due to health issues and serious alcoholism. Beyond Tom Hiddleston, the movie's impressive cast includes Elizabeth Olsen, Cherry Jones, Bradley Whitford, Maddie Hasson, and Wren Schmidt - and now that this first look image has been released, it hopefully means that we will soon be seeing a debut trailer as well. In the meantime, prepare for the film's big release during the Thanksgiving season, as Sony Pictures Classics will be releasing the biopic on November 27th.

Eric Eisenberg
Eric Eisenberg

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