See The Touching Way Emma Watson Thanked Steve Carell

At last night's Academy Awards ceremony, nominee Steve Carell wore a set of cufflinks on his wrist in support of a gender equality movement called He For She. You probably didn't notice it during the broadcast last night, but Emma Watson evidently wants the world to recognize his support for the campaign - and she's done so by writing him a rather lovely cocktail napkin thank you note.

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Who knew that Emma Watson (and her brother) was such a big fan of Steve Carell? In the short note, she name drops six different films from the actor - Little Miss Sunshine, Anchorman, Crazy Stupid Love, The Way, Way Back and Foxcatcher - and to her credit, those really are what can be considered the best examples of Carell's work. Really the only titles missing are The 40 Year Old Virgin and The Daily Show With Jon Stewart, though we can probably blame the latter's omission on the Harry Potter actress' Britishness.

You'll notice from the time stamp on the Tweet says that the message was sent before the Oscar's ceremony last night, which suggests that Emma Watson got early notice that Steve Carell was going to be publicly supporting the He For She cause. This isn't entirely surprising, as the actress has very much been a face for the organization and has been known to speak on its behalf. In fact, last September she even went in front of the United nations to speak about gender equality and the goals of the campaign. You can see the video from this event on Page Two.

In response to Emma Watson's note, Steve Carell wrote a thank you Tweet in response this morning. It didn't have the same kind of charm as the actresses, and wasn't handwritten, but it was just as sincere:

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You can find more information about the He For She movement at their official website, and both Steve Carell and Emma Watson will be back in theaters later this year. The former has wrapped on the Peter Solett-directed bio-drama Freeheld, co-starring Oscar winner Julianna Moore, while the latter will both be featured in Alejandro Amenábar's Regression with Ethan Hawke, and Florian Gallenberger's Colonia with Daniel Bruhl.

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