See What Apocalypse Almost Looked Like In X-Men

The process of designing a movie character is incredibly involved and time intensive. It’s even more rigorous when adapting a beloved character from a well-known source material. Over the years, FOX’s X-Men universe has slowly shown increased willingness to embrace the outlandish visuals of the X-Men comic books. However, it seems that the original visual style of En Sabah Nur, a.k.a Apocalypse, was much more visually faithful than the final version portrayed by Oscar Isaac. Check out the image below to see for yourself.

The folks at Tested recently visited the Monsterpalooza convention in Southern California in order to get a better look at all of the coolest Hollywood monster and costume designs set to hit cinemas within the next year. At one point they made their way to a booth full of outfits and designs present in some of today’s hottest superhero blockbusters. One of the most notable models present was an image of Apocalypse that looks ripped straight from the comic books.

Although it’s not greatly different from the final version of the character portrayed by Oscar Isaac, it seems to make a few distinct changes. The X-Men: Apocalypse version of the titular character seems to wear an outfit that is much more intricate and ornate in nature – as opposed to the more stark, smooth appearance of the original design. Also, the original version of En Sabah Nur seemed to be a bit more physically imposing, while the iteration of the character we will see has a somewhat slender physique and more human in appearance.

We cannot know for sure what caused the folks at FOX to make the decision to change the character’s appearance, but we can likely assume it has something to do with work being done by the competition. This original version of Apocalypse bears a great many similarities to the visual style of Josh Brolin’s Thanos, so Bryan Singer likely desired to set his coming X-Men adventure apart from the Mad Titan over at Marvel Studios. These changes have been met with mixed reviews by fans – some have praised the menacing appearance of the character, while others have likened him to the cartoonish Ivan Ooze from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie.

Check out the entire Tested clip below to see even more designs and creatures from the recent Monsterpalooza event:

The original design of Apocalypse seems much more faithful to the comic book source material, but we are very fond of the current version of the character. That being said, glimpses of Apocalypse have been minimal at best, and as such we will likely get our best view of the character once X-Men: Apocalypse hits theaters on May 27.

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