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Seinfeld's Danny Woodburn To Play Splinter In Michael Bay's Ninja Turtles

All four turtles for Michael Bay's Ninja Turtles have been cast, and the anticipated film is even up a Fox (of the Megan variety) and Will Arnett. And now it looks as though the project has found its Splinter, and it's a very familiar face for fans of Seinfeld.

Deadline reports that Danny Woodburn will play Splinter, the wise rodent friend and mentor to the Ninja Turtles in the live-action CG hybrid reboot. Seinfeld fans will remember Woodburn well for his recurring role as Kramer's pal Mickey in the beloved NBC comedy series about nothing. More recently, Woodburn appeared in Mirror Mirror in the role of Grimm. He also has a number of TV appearances among his recent credits, including Party Down, Mr. Sunshine and Bones. And he plays the recurring role of Mr. Poulos, the landlord in Disney XD's Crash & Bernstein, so he may very well be a familiar face to the younger audience of this film, in addition to being appreciated by those of us who loved seeing him on Seinfeld.

Ninja Turtles has been building its cast fairly steadily in recent weeks, with Alan Ritchson signed on to play the red-bandana-wearing, sais carrying Raphael. Pete Ploszek is on board to play the studious, blue-bandana-wearing Leonardo. Jeremy Howard will presumably be sporting purple in the role of Donatello. And Noel Fisher is locked in to play the resident party dude of the bunch, Michelangelo. With Woodburn set to play their patient, whiskered guide, Master Splinter, it sounds like the gangs all here, at least in terms of the core group of five. They join Will Arnett, whose role is being kept a secret.

For those of you who are fans of Woodburn rom his Seinfeld days, here's a flashback of one of Mickey and Kramer's escapades.

Kelly West
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