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Sex Tape's Cameron Diaz And Jason Segel Talk Raunchy Scenes And Doing Future Projects Together

In case you couldn’t tell from the title, Sex Tape is a summer comedy that earns its R-rating. The movie features all matters of foul language and sexuality that the MPAA just hates, but it’s all for the sake of comedy. Watching the film, I wondered if the stars – Jason Segel and Cameron Diaz – were actually drawn to the script because of these more outlandish moments and a chance to play out some inhibited hilarity. So, as you can see in the video above, it was naturally the first question I asked the two actors when I spoke with them late last week.

In anticipation of Sex Tape’s arrival in theaters this Friday, the stars of the movie recently gathered in Los Angeles for a press day last weekend where I had the chance to sit down with them on camera and talk all about the film. And while my conversation with Segel and Diaz began with a chat about the appeal of over-the-top material and the importance of honesty, that was only the beginning.

Following up, I asked the two stars if there was anything that was just too far over the top and was never going to make it into the theatrical cut. As Segel explained, wanting to keep Sex Tape somewhere within the realm of reality prevented them from going too far with any one gag – but that didn’t stop them from still pushing the line. Watch their response below.

Having seen Segel and Diaz play bad teachers together and then sex tape-hunting parents, I then turned the conversation towards the future and asked if they have any plans on working together again. While it sounds like any ideas for Sex Tape 2 won’t happen, don’t be surprised if the two actors and director Jake Kasdan wind up working on a completely different project together at some point in the future.

Sex Tape arrives in theaters July 18th.

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