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Bad Teacher Reunion Sets Cameron Diaz And Jason Segel For Jake Kasdan's Comedy Sex Tape

There are many ways I could write an introductory paragraph about a film called Sex Tape, but nearly all of them would either land me in some sort of a detainment center or, at the very least, get some fairly specific judgment thrown my way. So instead, let all forms of judgment, good and bad, be passed on to Sony and production company Escape Artists.

They’re in talks to sign Cameron Diaz to co-star with Jason Segel in Jake Kasdan’s upcoming comedy Sex Tape, according to The Wrap. This is the trifecta that made 2011’s Bad Teacher a surprise hit, despite its flaws, so it’s no surprise that a quick reteaming is out of the question. And it’s always good to see Segel and Kasdan reunite, given the fact that they kind of reached their breakout fame together in the beloved series Freaks and Geeks. But yeah, it’s good that Diaz could be back on the team, too. This is the kind of screwball comedy plotline that she works best in, delivering her most admirable Goldie Hawn-ish performance.

Diaz, who was actually in talks to star in the film a year ago, will play Segel’s wife in Sex Tape, written on spec by Kate Angelo (The Back-Up Plan). The titular object is created by the couple one night to spice up their relationship as they take advantage of their kids being out of the house. But when they wake up, the tape is gone, and they spend the film trying to figure out who could have possibly taken it. Hilarity ensues.

Diaz will next be seen in Michael Hoffman's Gambit, and will star in in Ridley Scott’s lawyer drama The Counselor, and is also set to star in John Cassavetes’ infidelity revenge comedy The Other Woman.

Nick Venable
Nick Venable

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