Sex Tape Gets A Raunchy New Red Band Trailer

R-Rated comedies have found a home in the summer season going back years now, but so far in 2014 its been a bit of a mixed bag. Things kicked off in early May with the release of Nicholas Stoller's Neighbors - which won over critics and audiences alike - but then more recently we saw the release of Seth MacFarlane's A Million Ways To Die In The West - which was cut down by critics and under-performed at the box office. Helping to balance the scales this past weekend was 22 Jump Street - which got even better reviews than Neighbors and had a bigger opening weekend. We're still waiting to see how the entire summer will pan out as a whole, but certainly playing a factor is the upcoming Sex Tape, which, as you can see above, just released a brand new red band trailer.

Based on a script by Kate Angelo - the screenwriter who last brought us the Jennifer Lopez comedy The Back-up Plan - and directed by Jake Kasdan, the new film stars Jason Segel and Cameron Diaz as Jay and Annie a married couple who have found that their sex life has begun lagging and is completely lacking excitement. In order to spice things up, they come up with a plan to record themselves doing every position found in The Joy Of Sex. The big mistake they make, however, is that they film it using their iPad and the video gets uploaded to the cloud. While this wouldn't ordinarily be a problem, their cloud also happens to sync up with all of the other iPads that they gave to friends, family and co-workers during the holiday season.

While I am in the minority having enjoyed the previous collaboration between Kasdan, Segal and Diaz - 2011's Bad Teacher - I can't say I'm too confident in the quality of this one. The plot device used to spread the sex tape screams of white people problems, and I can't say that any of the jokes really grabbed me. I get that people had bushy pubes back in the 70s. It's time to move on.

What could help save Sex Tape is the supporting cast, which, as you can see in the trailer (which comes to us via MTV) includes Rob Corddry, Ellie Kemper and Rob Lowe. While I imagine Lowe's role is fairly small in the movie, the new spot suggests that Corddry and Kemper are going for the ride right alongside Segel and Diaz, which could be great.

Time will tell on the quality of Sex Tape, but it's not that long of a wait. The film will be out in just a little over a month, set to come out on July 25th. (competing with Dwayne Johnson in Hercules, Scarlett Johansson in Lucy, and the next Step Up movie, Step Up All In. Which are you going to see?

Eric Eisenberg
Assistant Managing Editor

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