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Spider-Man’s future is in flux. For every bit of news we hear about the wall-crawler being in trouble, we can counter it with a secondary story about exciting plans for his silver-screen adventures. And now, an unlikely and unusual source has dropped a Sinister Six hint on us, and may reveal who the hero is fighting:

This image landed on the Facebook page of Sony Pictures International, which gives it some real credence. The translation of the text, confirmed by, is, "We have plans for you … #Spider-Man." And the icons clearly represent the arms of Doctor Octopus, and the wings of The Vulture. WHAT?!

Let’s talk about this. Does this mean that the Sinister Six movie that Drew Goddard is shepherding is moving forward? That’s likely. The Vulture and Doctor Octopus both were teased as being in the vaults of OsCorp during The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Adding them to a mix that includes Electro (Jamie Foxx), the Rhino (Paul Giamatti) and two Goblins (Dane DeHaan and Chris Cooper) could bring us up to Six. They say they have plans for Spider-Man. Does that mean that the web-slinger is going to be in the movie? Will Andrew Garfield be in this?

Here’s the other theory. Maybe this is the plan for The Amazing Spider-Man 3, and instead of cramming these villains into a crowded movie with four other villains – whom audiences didn’t necessarily embrace – perhaps Sony wants to develop another solo standalone Spidey movie with Vulture and Doc Ock as the antagonists.

Naturally, this contradicts (or postpones) the most recent plans we heard that Spider-Man was being groomed for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And while that is a fan-friendly wish, it doesn’t benefit Sony so much as developing their own Spider-Man movies would. Sony won’t want to give up on the wall-crawler just yet, and a planned Spider-Man Summit could lead to Sinister Six or Spider-Man 3 developments. Is this the first step?

The question is, why is this on an international Facebook page for Sony Pictures? That’s an unusual place to allow information like this to drop. Do you think it’s a tease for a Sinister Six movie? A third Amazing Spider-Man film? Or something totally different?

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