James Bond played an official role in the opening ceremony of the Olympics last night, starring in a short film alongside none other than the Queen of England, helping the 86-year-old monarch parachute into the stadium-- well, sort of. But Bond also popped up during the commercial breaks in a brand-new TV spot for Skyfall, the new Bond adventure set for release this November. The video of Bond and the Queen is hard to find online, but the Skyfall trailer you can watch below.

The whole thing goes by so fast it's hard to even tell what's going on, though there are so many striking shots-- Bond in front of the flaming Chinese dragons, the make out scene in a steamy shower, Bond regarding the London skyline-- that it's easy to get excited about all the other stunning images director Sam Mendes and cinematographer Roger Deakins might be bringing us. And the teaser manages that neat trick of showing you a lot from the movie while leaving the plot completely a mystery-- we know Bond will be facing up a challenge that's related to M's past, and will find himself in an epic train-based fight in Istanbul, but beyond that, the plot has managed to be remarkably under wraps.

I'm not sure we Americans could feel quite the same pride seeing Bond participate in the Olympics last night, but this teaser is a nice reminder that his stories, at least, are for all of us. Skyfall opens November 9.

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