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So, Jason Schwartzman Has A Giant Dick In The Overnight

In a year where Magic Mike XXL is set to expose audiences to extremely high levels of beefcake and speedos, any actor engaging in a nude scene is probably going to be nervous about themselves being compared to Channing Tatum and his hunky co-stars. Jason Schwartzman has them beat though, as not only was he nervous about being nude before The Overnight even started filming, but with the help of some creative prosthetic, he'll be packing more heat than Mike or any of his friends can summon with their magic.

Buzzfeed delved into the issue of Schwartzman's insecurities over filming his part in Patrick Brice's festival scene darling, which came after reading the film's script. Apparently, The Overnight features a lot of nudity for Jason Schwartzman's Kurt to engage in, as well as some scripted reactions to Kurt's manhood. Surprisingly, the nudity wasn't what had Schwartzman worried, it was his character's prolific anatomy.

Enter what Jason Schwartzman calls, "the TempurPenis," a memory foam appliance that Schwartzman would wear on set to simulate the largess of Kurt's member in the script's exact dimensions. Sounding very similar to the piece worn by Mark Wahlberg in his break out role for P.T. Anderson's Boogie Nights, the TempurPenis got its name from the following anecdote Schwartzman shared about his time on the set:

I guess there are all different kinds of prosthetics, but this is sort of like a Tempur-Pedic memory foam. If you wanted to, you could squeeze it, and it would kind of like slowly rise back up to its original [size]. So I call it a ‘tempur-penis.'

While that might be great for making one's penis look mightier, it's not very flexible when it comes to water. Considering there were extensive scenes shot in his character's swimming pool, Schwartzman was pressing his luck when submerging the materials of the prosthetic in the water. At the end of the day, the job got done and The Overnight will have plenty of fake Schwartzman wang for all of the world to see. Wet, dry or compressed. Judging by the Red Band Trailer shared below, we're actually surprised that, out of all of the bawdy bits shared in its contents, there isn't one mention of Schwartzman's schwanz.

What's not surprising is our own Gregory Wakeman calling The Overnight, "2015's most shocking comedy." Which makes us wonder just how Magic Mike XXL will measure up to The Overnight in terms of audience shock value. There's no doubt that Channing Tatum and his hard bodied compatriots will undoubtedly have women swooning in the aisles, but when it comes to genuine surprise and gasping audiences, we have a feeling that Jason Schwartzman is just a windmill away from dropping the mic.

The Overnight makes it move on June 19 in limited theaters.

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