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Call me a sucker for horror films but I cannot wait until Saw VI hits theaters on October 23rd and the new puzzle game and Tobin Bell featurette posted by Coming Soon makes me even more pumped. Every Halloween for the past six years has included a new Saw film; the franchise is monumental.

Naturally, the puzzle is a jigsaw puzzle. When assembled, it reveals a sneak peak at the movie. It’s brilliantly cut and paced and guarantees to give any Saw fan chills. The chills will continue with the Tobin Bell featurette. Bell explains that in Saw VI all of the pieces to Jigsaw’s puzzle will finally come together. In Bell’s own words, Saw VI “is one of the scarier of the Saw films.” What more could a scary movie lover ask for?

Check out the puzzle and the featurette for yourself below.

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