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The hot news of the day, of course, is last night’s release of the first trailer for the next Marvel Studios project, Captain America: Civil War. Everybody is analyzing every single frame of the trailer to see what there is to see. Of course, one of the things that many have also noticed, is what isn’t there. We all know that the MCU’s Spider-Man will be making his bow in this film, but the web-head is nowhere to be seen in the trailer. Unless he is in there? Some eagle-eyed fans think they may have spotted the wall crawler after all. Check out the video and see if it’s him. Spoiler Alert: It’s not.

What the frame-by-frame analyzing of the trailer has successfully revealed is, a guy in a red shirt. We’re pretty sure that’s all we’re looking at here. While the character is fuzzy and so it’s hard to make out anything clearly, what we appear to be seeing is a guy in a red shirt walking along the sidewalk. There are a number of problems with this character being Spider-Man. First off, he walking on a sidewalk. This is not your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man’s traditional means of transportation. He doesn’t usually walk down the street in full costume. We’re not saying he can’t do that, but normally he does not. Secondly, this person does not appear to be wearing a costume. Now it could just be the shadows thrown by Falcon, but this guy’s pants, and face, do not appear to be red like his shirt, certainly not the same shade at the very least. We may not know exactly what Tom Holland’s costume is going to look like, we feel comfortable expecting colors to match up better than this.

So, while we could be wrong, we’re comfortable calling this myth busted. Spider-Man is obviously being held back intentionally. The fact that Marvel’s single most popular hero is making his MCU debut is a big deal. We wouldn’t be surprised if we don’t get a clear look at the character until the movie hits theaters. It’s working for Luke Skywalker, so why not Spider-Man. There will probably be something of a tease in a future trailer, as there are probably some MCU fans who live under rocks and don’t actually know Spider-Man will be in the movie, but don’t expect to get much on the character before May.

That’s going to be more fun anyway, right? The second Civil War trailer hits in a couple months and at the end of it Falcon is soaring through the air and then comes crashing to the ground. Upon examination he finds his wings gummed up with webbing he looks around to see where it came from, and all he sees from that direction is an usually large spider web. Make this happen, Marvel!